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भगवान प्लीज तुरंत प्रगट होवो – एक पुकार

As the name suggest, we are all the way Paramsatta & Paramsatta & Paramsatta only. 

As the name suggest this is all about Paramsatta. Paramsatta means

The highest Satta i.e. The Highest Power  or the Supreme Power, which exists and 

Because of which we all exists…., who has created everything. Everything means

Everything which we have visualized, everything means everything which we can think and can’t even think. We are twenty year young newspaper, completely devoted to PARAMSATTA i.e. Almighty God. We have great Pleasure in Launching Mission- 


Though, it seems to be “Next To Impossible” but it is billion time more necessary than its Impossibleness. We are exhausting our life in the every moment in & out. None of us can save our own-selves from our own forthcoming death and are running very very fast towards our own death. Its our foremost & most prime duty to do something about it. 

However, We find ourselves so helpless that we mourn the death of others and await our own’s. In such a grim situation, The only option left out is calling the Almighty, who is said to be our mother & father and the the same time who is also Almighty i.e. nothing is impossible for him. It is said that he listen to all, sees to all and if by any means, He comes before us, our life will be complete & perfect. Otherwise also, A child without mother & father is subject to all types of sorrows, misseries’ and troubles. The same is the conditions with all of us. As such it is a highest priority mission for us to call our own real mother & father i.e. our Almighty God to come before all of us…, To appear before all of us…, To appear before all of us… To Talk to all of us…., To Laugh, To Play, To Sing, To Dance, To Remain Present really, visually, practically and forever Among all of us. For this we can’t do anything more than just calling him… and calling him and calling him… besides simply calling him we can’t just do anything. This is what the Mission is i.e. The Mission-“Calling Almighty God”.i.e.

 “BHAGWAN PLEASE TURANT PRAGAT HO-EK PUKAR”. If all of us will call him, than, though looks Impossible  but for him it is not at all impossible. We hope he will certainly Appear, Talk, Chat, Play, Sing, Dance and will visually and practically remain present forever among all of us. We hope you all will join us and we will collectively practically come among us forever. Call in any name you feel like. May it be God, Bhagwan, Ishwar, Allah, Ram, Krishna etc. etc. Call Bhagwan….., Bhagwan Please Turnt Pragat Ho.. Bhagwan Please Turnt Pragat Ho. Bhagwan Please Turnt Pragat Ho….. 

This Mission is not our own & personal mission but a mission of & by all the living beings and to make this mission a grand success for benefit of all us, please send this message to all the living beings on the earth in all the manners & methods possible, Please Do Send your Comments. We are waiting for the same.

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