­­­Hello, I am shalini singh, welcoming all the people who are viewing this program. I am here with  a very very special  program Bhagwan Pragat ho for all of you….. you all may be thinking that what kind of name and program it is?  Where the conversation is about revealing (appearance of) god…. Which is not possible in today’s world. It’s for you, If you all are really thinking like this. then this program is very important for all of you. You have read at many places, seen advertisement at many places about this campaign i.e. Bhagwan Pragat Ho (i.e. oh God! please appear before all of us immediately).What this CAMPAIGN (ABHIYAN) is all about ? Friends whenever we are in trouble, Whenever we see no light rays in this dark life, then  at that time we just remember  that  one  power  i.e. GOD, There may be  many names of the almighty, But power is only one,  and we all call him from our own different - different favourite names, But it's definitely worth it ….somewhere or other we all have faith that he is hearing us and will solve our problems. So why we are calling him ….. What is the purpose and is it possible?  Does  god has been revealed anytime ?  or can they ever be  reaveled ?  Today we will get answers to these questions?  People are connected with this campaign are present here with us…. Who will answer to all our questions……. So lets start the program….  And with this we are welcoming the special guest of our today……. Yes I am talking about  Pawankumarchoudhary ji……. Today, he is  present in the studio to give answer a lot of questions….. so lets welcome him and let’s start this program…. Pawankumarchoudhary ji you are most welcome |
First question after hearing the name of this campaign which I m getting in my mind i.e. in this campaign who are the all  peoples,  members? ? is a  monk ? is a saint ?   is a priest ?  is maulvi ?  is tantric ?  is pastor ?  what is ? 
 Pawanji :
 You have asked a beautiful question…. First thing I would like to tell in this campaign that none of the people are monk, saint, priest, hermit, devotee, intelligent, the wise, astrologer, tantric, pastor… then what would you say? Who are you in this? 
 They are simple household family based, working people’s a small organization (or we can say a small campaign of calling the almighty ). In this we all are simple people, either doing business or doing a job…….  And from any way we are not special and even we don’t want to become special….. yes this is a program, a campaign, which can be said as a  silly type of campaign….. and even we are saying that this is a impossible effort (try)… trying doing something  which is not possible… whose name is bhagwan please turant Pragat ho…. Bhagwan plz turant pragat ho, bhagwan please turant Pragat ho, bhagwan please turant Pragat ho.
 Yes of course, i.e. Let me tell to all my audience that this campaign is an endeavor …. So now this program has been started its obvious that you all are getting many questions in Your mind…. Whatever questions you all are having in your  mind I will represent all the questions and will get answers of all the questions. Because  pawankumarchoudhary ji is here with us… so come… one more question which is there in mind we would go straight towards  him..
pawanji, as you said you are nothing in this, you are only requesting to that super power, that almighty…. Whenever it comes to this type of thing, then it is obvious that the people who are viewing this program may be  thinking that now  these people came with a new thing…. I would like to know from you that in this campaign any kind  of  charity, money, service is taken ??
Your question is seriously very good..     in this very first and clearly I would like to tell that any kind of service, charity, money or thing is not  taken…… or we can say that  we have not taken anything in any kind from people even today also we are not  in an intention to take it……This is an impossible effort and a prayer….. kind of a call to god…… only a mad type of call to that almighty whom we say that he is present everywhere and  hear us….. in this campaign nothing is taken in any way .
 that is, you people would  have come to know that any kind of service, money and thing is not taken  in it, then what kind of campaign it is? To know about it, is very important for us…….. and to know about all this thing you have to be connected with this program…… so lets proceed ahead and get answer of few more questions……pawanji  here I want to know one more thing from you…… that the way you have told about this campaign, do you  have any branch? or any hermitage, and in what way everything is carried out in this campaign.
Yes, You have asked a very beautiful question, as I have said we people are not Master, Monk, saint. Any kind hermitage in any way… and no question arises for any branch…  we don’t have any hermitage….. nor we want to build any…… there’s no question arises for it…….. we all are simple household people….. and  we are using our limited resource for doing this campaign…….. and in this there no guru, nor an ashram , neither an branch, nothing at all.
so next question, Is it possible to reveal God in this way ? and how ?
Very nice question… is it possible to reveal god in this way ?
See, the straightforward clear answer is that it is a very unimaginable, in this way God will not be revealed……. Not be revealed nor it will be.  Now your first question will be when you know that god will not be revealed in this way than why this thing is being done.
Yes ofcourse.
A straight forward answer to this is whenever we get any problem, we are in danger, when we are in need at that time (doing prayer to god ) we don’t see that  this problem will be solved, our need will be completed…… when a person get sick.. and doctor says to patient why you are praying to god do one thing take this medicine and you will get rid from your sickness… doctor gives medicine and the patient gets better after taking that medicine… but a time comes when doctor tries all possible treatment and he raises his hand and says brother none of my medicine is working, none of my treatment is working. I have used all the solutions, done citiscan, done everything…. Now only one power i.e. god know about it… you all know god so pray that almighty… at that time what we all do?.. wedon’t ask doctor that whether god will solve our problem?  Will our brother be cured?  If yes than onlyI will call the almighty otherwise not ?no…no…no we don’t ask such type of questions… we just pray to god and says God! Save my brother……God! Save my brother ….. God! Save my brother….. we call him… whether god saves him or not but atleast we call him once…. We do one prayer…… like that only this is also a kind of prayer, god you are here only you here us at 2am… and you are capable in doing everything….. God! If you think then You may also be able to appear…. We are calling you and apart from this we can’t do anything….. God! We are calling you….. bhagwanplzturantpragat ho……bhagwanplzturantpragat ho……bhagwanplzturantpragat ho.
Its natural and it happens with all of us….. whenever we feel that we want somebody….. when our own family go ahead leaving us… and we feel like we are alone… and then our mind somewhere or the other have faith we are not alone….. your god…. Almighty is there with you……. Then even if we don’t want then also we say god please help me…I am alone… this is the campaign
Under this campaign, we are trying to say that give a voice to God
 Call and see….. god will come…. That power will come.
 NO..NO..NO..FORGIVE… this is a campaign….in this campaign….. It is never said in this campaign that god will come….or they will come… it is a an impossible…. Extreme insane type of call…. In this campaign it is said that god if u want you don’t appear for lakhs of time but we will try to call for crore times…… you don’t appear for crore times we will try to call you billions….. we also don’t say that tomorrow we will be able to call you…. May be we may not be able to call tomorrow…but we will try to call him…god! You don’t reveal for crores of times….. we will pass away from this unvierse by call you….. but will give you a call once…… when we can call you for all our needs then we can also call you once for u to appear in front of us….. u will not reveal…. Don’t reveal…. We have to go from this universe…. But will go after calling you..
Our presence in this universe is just because of that almighty then its our right to call almighty… we are getting ans of this question here itself… along with this our program time is over…. Hope so you all loved the bhagwan pragat ho abhiyan….. related to this program we will bring many more episodes from time to time and you will get answers to all the questions in this episodes…..but for now taking your permission for ending the program but before that thank you everyone who joined us in the studio and gave their precious time to us.


  • Hi! hello!!  Namaskar .I am Shalini Singh.You all our viewers are most welcome in this very special program of “Bhagwan Prakat ho. (Oh!God please be revealed). Bhagwan Prakat Ho! is such a campaign which is neither since yesterday nor from today.This is not something new. But it’s too many years old program. Sometimes through newspapers ,sometimes through channels, we have tried to send this thought /talk to you and same try is once again over here. We are publishing /releasing the same thought or talk in front of everyone in form of a program /campaign. This is the program /campaign so called as “God please be revealed “please  pragat Hovo Bhagwan “”We all here by tell you that you all also give him a call. Give a call to God .We all know that he is” omnipresent” -means he is existing in every molecule.HE does exist everywhere. Nothing is hidden from HIM.HE is the creator of this word. HE is the creator of all of us .So why not give him a call to be revealed.HE may come HE may not come .That is his own wish.No one can control him but we can call him surely. We are making ourselves very sure that we are calling him.When we will leave this world/ Earth, we won’t repent  that we had forgotten God who had given us our life .Why would we forget him .We all will surely call him .This is very same thing we are showing you through this program. So let’s join and let’s start this very special program .Now here we all have Mr.Pawan Kumar with us for all of us .He is a person who is telling all of us since many years that give a call to God.Call God, that’s his message .Let’s meet and greet him and we shall all  ask him many -many questions. We shall try to get answers from him only . Hi! Mr. Pawan Kumar You are really most welcome to thisprogram/campaign.  Mr.Pavan,,we are telling continuously to our viewers that we all need to call God .But to call God there is no any special method /procedure to be adopted .In no ways we need to go to Shivalaya or even a  Gurudwara not even a temple Or Mosque. I have a question in my mind. Do we have to give a call to God with our United efforts and in which form we all need to sit in  our own  respective homes /Shelters and give him a call or how to give HIM a call? Or  do we need to be united and go to an open ground and give him a call or how to give a call?                                          Mr .Pawan ( replies):-Oh! really very  very nice & very beautiful questions Shalini Singh you have asked.Shall we all get  United and then give him a call or how to give him a call? Very first question is to think about  our Omnipotent father. Does he dwell/stay at any one single place? We have seen….we have analysed all the possible religions, every religion on an average we can’t say 100% but  most of the religions and their followers do believe that God– Ishwar —Khuda —Allah is present everywhere.HE  is omnipresent .HE does exist everywhere.It’s not like that the sun rises at 7:00 a.m. and the sun set at 7.00pm. that he exist only in a day and and does not exist at night, he exist everywhere all the time and everyone is his kid/child .Every person, every group ,every particle, every life /soul is his son/child.Leave/Forget Hindus and Muslims not only human .Every living beings.Ants-big ants- dogs- cats- elephant -horses– everything– everything –everything is created by him only.It’s there in his own KAYANATH- universe or Cosmos. Everything is his own property .Where can we all gather? how many of us can get United ?We are all in his lap.We are all in his own world  (or in his own Earth). We are all United only. We are all his own children .We are all fine wherr so ever we are. Whensoever we remember HIM, we give him a call. It’s not necessary/essential to gather at any place .If we plan and think like gathering then even the biggest ground on this planet would be insufficient when all the children of that omnipotent get to gether including not only human beings, everyone, every particle. who is out of his circumference? where to gather? -no- no- not to gather anywhere. There is no time. No fix time that we should gather at 7 o’clock and begin a call at 7:30 o’clock.– no– no .If you recall him at 2:00 a.m.(near-midnight )you give him a call .Even a person sleeping by you/ beside you, did not know but that Omnipotent father did come to know that my child/ son has given me a call. See, if someone is travelling he or she is travelling by a bus he or she is travelling by a train he or she has recalled HIM and he or she gave him a cal l and Omnipotent is also Omnipresent .HE exists there also.HE does listen to everyone .HE came to know that a call is given. HE hears a call .Such and such person has given me a call.Oh ! he says mister Ramesh Kumar has given me a call. HE says Mahesh Kumar has given me a call. HE says Mr Muhammad bhaijaan has given me a call .he says Mr some /unknown person has given me a call. We all give him a call where so ever we recall him .when so ever we recall  HIM we call him. We give him a call. If at all we fail to give a call never mind for the same It’s all O.K ./fine You just recall him & give him a call.So our chit/message has reached to HIM. HE has heard a call to whom I wanted & expected  to listen to me Then the matter ends.Now HE is the power.HE may come & reveal HIMSELF or HE may not .It’s all HIS wish.This is what our mission is.Not to gather anywhere.No Ashram,or No knowledge, no meditation.No chant.No chanting.No lesson. No pooja.Nothing  to worship. 
  • Lady host:Shalini Singh:-It means , I have a question which we had included in one of our programs.Do we need any ashram? Or Do we new any branch ?But here we do  get an answer to this two questions also. No we don’t need that in fact /basically it’s nothing like that  we want to show something to someone. The very basic concept of this campaign is very clear that you would not join this campaign for your immediate neighbours, or  for your close relatives or for members of your family .if at all you like to join this campaign the very fact is that you are joining for your inner conscious that’s it.So from hear the very fact is clear. .Mr Pawan ji::-I would say here one more thing here as you said that if at all you want to join this campaign it’s only for your inner conscious basically we do don’t know,where is our  inner conscious ?How to join /connect to our inner conscious?  We don’t know anything of any type. We know only this fact /thing that– Oh!God I am watching that a person like me only, he was just like me, he was alive in this world.He was just doing some business activity. He was laughing.He was eating .He was  sleeping.  Accidentally something happened and he met with some incident. I just asked “what has happened ? The reply was, Mr   ” X” passed away, he died –away. We all have performed all is customs. we completed all his formalities and henceforth  that person is not at all seen.He is unseen. We also live now as he was living,the  style in which he was living .We are not at all having any knowledge about spirits /souls  or almighty– God..
  •  There was a living person like me who is no more now .Similarly I am leaving today ,one fine day I will also die. I might not be alive tomorrow. That’s the fact.The real fact I do understand when I see such fact. Tomorrow I may not exist . I am in existence today.so @ should see what I could do today ?what can I do? I don’t know what’s inner conscious ?what’s omnipotent? Where is that God?How does he look like? Is he red?Is he green?Is he black? Is he yellow in colour?Has he two hands or four hands? I don’t know all these facts. I know one thing that I am alive here today at this place that’s it iIs it a dream ?or its a reality because I do dream similar things at night. I am alive in that dream.In that dream you are also there. Earth is also there .The sky is also there . Rain  is also there. Light is also there. Vehicles are also there.It’s really/ truly possible that whatsoever that I can see now is also a dream!!! Is this  a reality ?or Whatso ever  that I say– what so ever it may be .What I see here/ everywhere is that all the people around me are of different religions ,of different Vernacular languages are here. They are of different nations .If I happen to ask anyone of them, they do agree and say that there is some owner. Someone who governs this entire Cosmos /this universe ,this Earth.They call him by any name –Ram– God– Ishwar-Bhagwan —Waheguru– he / she may say something in his /her own language .If there’s a country/nation like AFRICA  & if there’s some native person {Adivasi} -He/She may say sonething in his/her native lannguage,which I won’t  even  know–what he/she is trying to say but most of the people around me here almost 90% I would say almost 95% of the people say that there is some power.There’s some–God.There’s some WaheGuru.HE is everyhere. HE does  listen to our call.So we all give HIM a call.No,we don’t want to go anywhere.No we  don’t want to chant any chant. No we dont want to have anymeditation. Waheguru he is everywhere he doesn’t listen to our call so we all dohim a call giving him only a call no we don’t want to go anywhere no we don’t want to chant any chance no we don’t want to have any meditation as and when my stomach or body pains or as and when I do need him I just give him a call whenever I need him without just asking anyone I do give him a call I do go and explain others to tell them, “Oh! dear  just give a call” Oh! God please reveal yourself immediately/ instantly .Am I giving this call for our inner conscious ? or for what ? I don’t know but we do give him a call I may not exist tomorrow. Oh!my base ! Oh!  my lord .Lord of this universe. Owner of this world. The governor of this Cosmos .I may not remain here tomorrow .But you were here before me. You were here yesterday .You would be here even tomorrow .You are here today you are here to listen ,,so I give you a call as all other say that you do listen to our calls so I give you a call .Oh! God,please do reveal yourself. Am I calling him by my inner conscious.?or not ?I don’t know all these.I just give you a call .Oh!God please reveal yourself immediately/ instantly. Lady host::-Alright. O.K .we all just give him a call to reveal himself .We are requesting him because we know, we would not be alive tomorrow. or in future .so we would like to give him a call, till we are alive.HE  may come HE may not come. Its all his own wish .so this is all about in this today’s very special program .we would appear very soon with such more questions before we both take your leave from you, I personally thank Mr Pawan ji good bye see you thank you.


Lady host::- hi! hello!! namaskar. I am Shalini Singh and I welcome you all ,our viewers in this very special program called as “Bhagwan prakat Ho”. As such you are all continuously attached with us but I would like to tell to our new viewers who are here for the very first time that in this “Bhagwan prakat Ho”….. –“,Bhagwan pragat Ho” is a  campaign in which we tell all of our viewers that you do give a call to God, the greatest “Omnipotent”. Now all of you may say, “How can you speak/ talk about something like this? This is very childish..                                                         But let me tell the fact that once you join with our such /this campaign /program, you would realize that these are really true facts because here we are explaining you all with truth .Why do we tell /say God to reveal himself. Let’s go ahead with this program and as usual once again Mr Pawan Kumar ji will join all of us. you are really really welcome in this Studio (once again).  Pawan ji, in Geeta Lord Sri Krishna said,’ yada-yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati Bharata….’ in full /complete verse / shlok the message /the summary is that when so ever the religion is hampered/ damaged/ destructed and its being lost on this earth,” I shall incarnate myself on this earth”. Do you really feel that on this earth/ ground a lot of religion loss has occurred and misconduct/ malpractices are going on and that’s the very great reason you are telling/ calling God to reveal himself ? 

Pawan ji::- You are most welcome. You have made a very beautiful question and a really ,really very beautiful question is asked. you are most welcome. You have raised a very good question .                                               As our mission  is going on, I do receive calls from many brothers /gentlemen or I do talk to many brothers/gentlemen, they also say that you are calling God .You also say( that) “oh! God reveal yourself” .They ask,”Has sin /misdeed  been increased? Yes,a lot of Miss deed has been increased.” Should we ( all) call God ? “I really don’t know how to answer such a typical question. Are we  calling God for the very reason that sin has increased ? Or is it because kaliyuga has arrived ?or is it because torture /opression has been increased? is it because malpractice/ incest has been increased ?God has also made/ given a promise, (that)” if sin/ misdeed is being increased then I would incarnate myself”.                                                         

Lady Host:- {O.K. Hmmmm.}

Pawan ji::-No,Never I am keeping a very small question in front of you all,just presume/assume  that sin/ Misdeeds are not increased. It’s too  far to increase sin. Let’s presume/assume that there are flowing rivers full  of milk/curd .There  is happiness and peace everywhere all around us.There is  joy and goodness everywhere all around us.There is everything going on correctly all around us.There is no difficulty anywhere all around us. There is no incest /malpractice all around us .Don’t we need our father at this point of time? Don’t we need our father? Shall I call my /our father, my creator, my Wholesome creator due to whom I have my existence, due to whom I am alive, due to whom these hands are moving due to whom I am sitting . due to whom this every cell is found  to be alive. if I had died yesterday, I would have been burnt by this time today. My existence is due to him only. M y strong base is, due to him only.Shall I call him only because torture is increased?  Shall I call him because Kaliyuga has arrived ? You would say what are you talking about? God has given ( us)  a promise ” You have said the right fact/thing that God has given as a promise. We do hear in Ramayana that “whenever religion is being destroyed/lost,….. Lord Sri Krishna also said, as you said, “Yada-yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati Bharata…” I will incarnate myself as and when religion would be destroyed /lost. I just want to request you all just presume and assume ,we have our own house and then also assume that in our own house at our gate one very tall /hale ,strong, naughty  man has come /arrived, he is behaving naughty { or showing dirtiness.}. He is not ready to go. He is bothering us .What shall we do then ?We will ourselves tell him something of our own, Oh! (bhai) gentleman, O.K.! We shall say, you please go, please go. We shall try to send him away. What shall we try to do? He is using his energy .He is applying his extra force. We can’t stand in front of him. He is very hale/tall .He is using his energy. He is applying extra force. He is not coming in my/ our control. .Then what shall we try to do? We shall call our family persons .Oh! please come here, and see this person is bothering us. See what this person is doing here? He  is doing something wrong. He is not going from here. Even when our own family members couldn’t do it. Then what shall we do? Then we shall call our neighbours and say,” This fellow /person is not ready to go from here. Our neighbours also tried out but they also couldn’t make him move/go Then, what next we shall try to do?

We shall try to call one contact number100. We shall call the police .When we call the police, what will happen?  All strong and hale persons would come. Those four very strong/hale  persons, who have taken training for this, would catch hold of that naughty person .They would Tie that person with a rope and then keep him in a vehicle and then they may /would go and what would they say while going? They would say, Oh! Mr Pawan ji, please don’t be frightened. We know how to rectify such people .We know how to treat such people .we have taken training for this matter .Whensoever such type of persons if come we would surely come down .Then what would we say? {both persons at time….}now you please take this man .                             .Now the same thing you please try to keep {or compare }here. Aren’t we  calling/ inviting God in the same way? Oh! God ,God ,God please come very soon .He asks, “What happened gentleman? We say, Oh! God ,Ravan  has come ,we say Oh! God Kansa has come. O.K. Ravana has come .O.K .Kansa has come, many more naughty persons have arrived. Many more/ several persons are torturing here. Many more people are bothering here.Many more persons are hanged to death .so many courts are being  made. File a Suit against him .present them in the court . Let the court  hang  them to death.! Oh! God,” You are telling us to hang them to death? We would say/reply, God he is so strong, he would hang us to death. Oh!  is it like this ? Bhagvanji says, “Tell God and Goddesses “. oh! bhagwanji, we had called /invited God and Goddesses but he has hanged all such Gods and Goddesses upside down. That person won’t be in control of such God and Goddesses. Then what? Bhagwanji  he could only be controlled by you ,you only can kill him .You only can handle him.Oh!Is it really like this? Yes, it’s like that. Then we call Bhagwan, he kills Ravana,he kills Kansa.  HE establishes religion .He would re- accomplish the religion. He would recover all the loss made in religion. HE  would also speak the language of this Police staff.-“” call us, if any naughty person reappears here” Bhagwanji also says same word/ language ,Yada-yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati Bharata ,as and when Sin/ Misdeeds been  increased ,”I shall Re incarnate myself .Once again ,some demon/devil ,the torturing personality would come. Once ,when religion  is imbalanced, I would incarnate myself “surely ,we ourselves only called /invited HIM in such a manner ,so he also replied to us in the same manner, the way we had called/invited him.

In this campaign it’s very clearly said that religion is decreased, sin/Misdeeds are increased, Ravana has come, Kansa has come, {BUT }you don’t come at all. Just don’t come only for the reason that Ravana has arrived. Is it like that your & my relation is based on the fact of tar of Ravana? I would call you when only Ravana comes.

{No…no….nodding…head }

Ravana may come, he may not come. But you are my parents. You are the owner  of my (eternal) soul. You are my base You are my base of all my breaths. You are my base of all my life.You are  base of my every CELL. You are just here only. Can’t I say you Bhagwanji,  plz  be revealed? Should I give a thought in telling you to be revealed? (That )Oh! Bhagwanji ,you incarnate yourself because Ravana has arrived. Take it for example that Ravana has come or Kansa has come. or some torturing personality has come. I called/invited Bhagvanji, & he really incarnate himself & he did kill that demon. What would happen? HE did kill demon,so I am saved from my death by Ravana. So what? I would die because of some diseases or I would die because of some other reason/method. Should I call you because of Ravana? Why Should  I Call you because of Ravana only? Presume/Assume that Ravana killed a lakh persons!!Say he killed 10 lakh people. In our Epic Ramayana, Lord Rama is asking, What’s this huge residual deposition, (residue ),mountain?

(then reply)….,,

This is  huge residual deposition of the dead/killed persons those who were killed by Ravana & then he had sucked their bones & then he had deposited their bones & those deposited bonnes became a huge /tall mountain. If Ravana had killed 10 lakh people, has the sky blasted due to that ? NO, the sky  hasn’t blasted due to that, when he killed 10 lakh people. the sky has not blasted. even Ravana kills 1 more Pawan Chaudhariji ,Would the sky blast? No, never the sky wouldn’t blast. The figure of dead persons would be increased by 1.Instead of 10 lakh people. It would be 10lakh 1.I am just giving you an example.. Say– In MUMBAI City 50 persons died in a train/coach blast. On the very next day in a News-paper it’s declared that

 50 persons died in a train/coach blast. OK, Why Pawan Chaudhariji-did not die? Is it a fact that Pawan Chaudharij is made up of Iron metal? Pawan Chaudhariji-did not die because he wasn’t present there at that time of a train/coach blast. If Pavan Chaudhariji   were present there at that time in a coach/train, the future of dead persons would have changed to 51 instead of 50.Nothing more would have happened. Should we only call you Bhagwanji that do come because Ravana has come, because sins/misdeeds are increased,

you come quickly. We are not calling you for all any such reasons. We are calling you only because you are mine. You are my parent. You are the base of my every element/ particle. Bhagwan ji I am calling you for this/such reason. Is it like that parents visit home only because the house is on fire or  the thieves have reached home. You come because it’s home. please be revealed, do laugh, smile and play with all children. {lady host::-“Alright”   “Alright” } dance and sing and in any other circumstance if Ravana arrives we both( father and son )would see. In this  our simple and ordinary campaign our kind request to our  Bhagwan Ji/ God the OMNIPOTENT and  the creator is that, “God please don’t come only to kill Ravana please don’t come only to kill Kansa . If you are coming, then please do come for the only reason that you are mine .You please reveal yourself, because you are mine .You are mine own. Lady host::- Alright, hi! Dear viewers, this fact is something like-we all  return to our homes after our work and  tiredness and if we don’t see our mom ,we do give  a call to Mom. where  are you my mom ? When we don’t find her in a room ,we do look in a kitchen, even if you don’t find her in a kitchen also then we do  ask a person whosoever is present at home maybe younger brother, sister or anyone- Where is Mom ? We may not be in need of her .But when we see her. We do find something i.e. we are chilled and cooled. Her semblance/inkling gives as some kind of relaxation .Then the one ,who is the creator of me /us .Then the one who is the creator of this world/ Universe, Won’t  HIS semblance/inkling give all of us some kind of relaxation. This is the very reason we would like to give him a call .This is the very reason we request him to remain revealed This much is enough for today’s very special program .We would definitely once again appear with a few new information’s in this your most favourite program but for today please give me leave .But before this, I thank Mr.Pawan Chaudhari ji- from the bottom of my heart for remaining present in the special program .           Pawan ji -namaskar  Pawan ji -bye bye ,see you, thank you.   


Hi !hello! namaskar, I am Shalini Singh. all viewers are welcome here in this very special program called as “Bhagwan prakat Ho” Shalini Singh ::-Hi! hello! Dear friends, is there any very special time prefixed  for the appearance of Bhagwan? Why do we say Bhagwan appear ?Where as in our Epics it is said that when so ever  loss l of religion is at too much extremities then only Bhagwan will appear .Then why at all we all say  Bhagwan prakat Ho ,Bhagwan prakat Ho Bhagwan please prakat Ho .As such Bhagwan has already promised to all of us .How irony is this ?You must be also having the same question in your mind because I do have the same question in my mind and like replying to all other questions as usual to answer this question also Mr Pawan Kumar Chaudhari is available with us. So please come without thinking anything more about this question. Let’s go to Mr Pawan ji .We welcome him, let’s take this question’s reply from him only. Namesakar Pawan Ji,”you are most welcome” Pawan ji ::-“Namaskar,you are most welcome Shalini Singh::- Namaskar, you are most welcome Pawan ji .We are all giving a call to Bhagwan to appear himself through this campaign continuously ,a trial is carried out and we also keep on saying that it’s Bhagwan’s wish. He  may appear, he may not appear ,it’s up to his wish but if we talk about Bhagwan himself only had said/ promised to all of us( that)” I would appear /reincarnate myself, when sins may be TOO much more crossing all its extremities and if we talk about this ERA ( that is) i.e. Kalyuga in which I ,you and all other viewers are living at present is the just beginning of kaliyuga’s first stage [Charan ]but Prabhu is likely/ supposed to come /appear in fourth stage [Charan ],till then we all don’t know how many of our generations  may pass on  and on.Pawanji::-Very nice.Very good .           Shalini Singh ::-Now, I would like to know now, what’s your opinion about this ? Why are we calling /inviting Bhagwan from now only?                       Pawan ji ::-“very nice. Very good. You have really asked  me,very beautiful question”. Bhagwan said, “I would come /appear in kalyuga but now it’s only Kalyug’s 1st Stage [Charan ].And a few of us  may say that kalyug is of 40,000 years and still  36000 years are pending ,only 4000 years have passed and you have just started calling him for his appearance. What’s this all Bhagwan prakat Ho Bhagwan pragat Ho Bhagwan prakat Ho Shalini Singh ::-Very  correct [true].          Pawan ji:: very truly you said I  just would like to keep give you a very small example a very small kind request oh my Shalini sister I need rupees 1  hundred or rupees 500 from you, because I need that .you would say that surely I would give that amount but let me also know when will you return the same ?                   Shalini Singh ::-This is very good o.k.       Pawan ji::- I shall return this amount to you after 150 years starting from today.” after how many years I said ?                                   Shalini Singh ::-after 150 years from today.What would you say or reply?        Shalini sing::- I would say,”You are considering me MAD or  I am really MAD.                  Pavanji ::- or you are MAD or you are MAD. Shalini Singh ::- Yes, that’s right.                   Pavanji::-This person is saying  that ,” he will return my money  after 150 years.He   is mad or he is making me mad.What’s he talking ? Or this talk has no meaning . Shalini Singh know it has no meaning its meaningless Pawan ji we just can’t digest Sach talk I would say if we just can’t digest Such a very small talk thing that I would the fund return your money after 150 years I, myself with high regard with my folded hands to all, I would like to request one thing,”Bhagwan has promised us that I would appear in the end of Kaliyuga, I would appear after Forty thousand years.” we all start clapping here .Yes, ok, fine Bhagwan has promised us.” No, no Bhagwan, no no bhagwan,no no bhagwan ,no no bhagwan, no no  bhagwan” .What’s the meaning of such a thing/ matter after Forty thousand years .he would come after Forty thousand years. Why should we all clap here.?Or  Bhagwan you come just now .Appear immediately, appear immediately .How long /big is our life? We say 4000 years have passed and after 36000 years he would come but we say no, no ,don’t come after 36000 years .come just ,.Now come immediately. Appear immediately .Can’t we call our father immediately ?we want a car, we want a Bungalow . We want a son. We want all types of facilities if someone would say he would provide you after 200 years. We wouldn’t agree to him.We want Bhagwan immediately .when we talk about calling Bhagwan when we talk about the appearance of Bhagwan we all just clap and say, very good promise you have given .You would appear at the end of Kalyug. No Bhagwan ,no Bhagwan no bhagwan, bhagwan you just appear immediately .Can’t we say  Bhagwan that you just appear. You appear immediately. you just appear just now. Just here .You are just present here only. Never mind it’s 2 a.m. [at night].Let the temple’s door be closed/shut .you are ready to hear me .when I have difficulties ,when I have problems, when I have sorrows /pains. I don’t wait till the temple doors are open. I would not wait  till Temple’s doors open at 6 a.m. & then  I would pray/ tell Bhagwan to make me free from all the worldly difficulties.Bhagwan you have made everything. you have made every particle, including this time factor which we are taking into consideration with a cry, is also created by you only .you are the creator .I am giving you a very simple example-” we do sleep at night for 2 hours, in this two hours of sleep which is not completed even .we just get up and  [say kitne? /how many?–] I had reached/ gone there… in these two hours dreams. we do see many months OR  much more time is seen in these  two hours. Oh!Bhagwan you  owe all the time &  the time ,/it’s in your control you are not in its/time’s control.Time may  wait for you but you  doñ’t wait for time .No, no ,oh! Bhagwan please appear yourself immediately.OH!Bhagwan please appear immediately. Oh! Bhagwan please appear immediately.                                           .Shalini singh::- see when we say someone that please come to me on 29th date you please come to me after such and such time. why should that person /man come before that specific time .?Bhagwan tells us that I shall appear after 36000 years we digest that fact ,we accept that fact ,we clap for that fact, that’s o.k.why we clap for that fact?Why should  he think of coming very soon?Why should he think ? A  father says, oh ! my son my son ,oh! my son I would come after 10 years .Is it not son’s responsibility to deny father that not after 10 years. no dad, no dad,,no dad, no dad, no dad ,no dad  I shall not agree for a period of 10 years .You  just come now, now, now only , Is this much not our responsibility? can’t we say  our dad this much, (that ) “come now only”  Is there any guarantee of mine ? I may go away tomorrow, tomorrow my pen,my spectacles ,my clothes, my shoes , my body- everything might be available but I,myself would NOT be available. Oh!Bhagwan appear yourself immediately. what are we losing in that? we are all his children ,can’t we say him this much ?Oh!Bhagwan appear yourself immediately, appear yourself immediately.what else would happen ? He may not appear .that’s all. Don’t appear . o.k ..but we would definitely give you a call. can’t we give a call? someone  would  call me fool. surely, someone would call me a fool .Oh! See / look at the person -he wants Bhagwan to appear!, he wants Bhagwan to appear very soon! Oh! gentleman, tell me the time in which Bhagwan would appear .Would he appear in 30 minutes ? someone would surely taunt at us.someone would come and say would Bhagwan appear in a day?OR  how much ? in a year ? In 10 years ?will he appear   in 10 years? will he appear in 10 years ? no he would not appear like this. I/ we say he would not appear.This is a foolish Try, Can’t we  call  our father ?  we demand anything from him as he is the owner of everything .we demand anything from him as he is the owner of everything all time .we don’t look at watch/ time .oh! it’s 2 a.m[. at $6$night ]why should I ask now ? now the temple is closed/ shut. I shall ask in morning.. I shall ask in morning we don’t see time we don’t see anything .Oh!Bhagwan just we give a call..see,This is the difficulty,this such & such is a problem,plz solve this out.Can’t we say to our owner?the owner of every soul.The base of these worldly matters,that The most dear one to me,the most dear one of mine.The base of worldly matter,to appear HIMSELF immediately.Don’t come in/at the END of Kaliyug.You remain appear just now.You just remain appear because you are mine.Just don’t remain appear because injustice is increased.Just don’t remain appear because torture is increased.Your & my relation is NOT based on this injustice &torture.That you would appear only when  injustice is increased.I’ll call you only when torture is increased.This is something llike DOCTOR ,When ever there’s  a sick person/patient.The Dr.comes,he/She injects/treats  a sick person/patient.When the patient is cured, the Dr.goes away.Are you a doctor? Are you a policeman? You come only when there’s a thief.You catch hold of a thief & ho away with a thief.You are mine.You  are the owner of my spirit.You are the base of my breathe.You are the base of entire world/universe..You are the base of every particle here.Every particle exists only due to you ..Oh!Bhagwan I give a call for everything.. (NOW)I am giving you a call for this thing also.I am giving you a foolish call.Oh!Bhagwan plz appear yourself immediately. Oh!Bhagwan plz appear yourself immediately.

Oh! My parents,  “plz appear to us immediately”.Oh! My soul owner ,”plz appear yourself immediately.”

we would give a call in any language.we would give a call in any language. we would give a call at any time.we would give a call at  any time.dId it NOT our own duty?We do eat everything that he gives us.Can’t we all tell him this much?Isn’t this out duty to tell him to appear HIMSELF immediately. Oh!Bhagwan.Oh!Bhagwan don’t wait for that time.We have 1 very little song,a very small BHAJAN [SAMAY KA PRABHU KARONA BAHANA,SAMAY TO PRABHU DAS TERA,TU SAMAY KA DAS NAHI HAI.   ] (Means= )Oh!Bhagwan don’t give excuse of time.Time is your servant

Time is your servant You are not servant of time.Oh!Bhagwan plz appear yourself immediately.Oh!Bhagwan plz appear yourself immediately.Oh!Bhagwan plz appear yourself immediately.Crores of people,Crores of children ,would  give a call Crores of time.Bhagwan may NOT appear,it’s OK,if he does Not appear.But we do give Him a call.This is NOT a conditional call.That we would give you a call only if you appear,& w/o would NOT give you a call if you don’t appear.Never mind you don’t appear.We are just giving you a call.Oh!Bhagwan plz appear yourself immediately.Oh!Bhagwan plz appear yourself immediately.In this mission we show/Say that the time is over.On the contrary I/we feel saw,that Bhagwan said HE would appear.He  had given us promise (that),”I will come/appear ,I would appear in /at the END of Kaliyug”.But it’s our duty to tell Bhagwan you come just now you appear immediately.Bhagwan you come just now you appear immediately Bhagwan you come just now you appear immediately.Bhagwan you come just now you appear immediately.You are minnoe e.Why should anyone/you WAIT?      

       SHALINI SINGH:::-Yes,,very true… yes, Pavanji,we have also seen such a fact in reality also that one of our own  people says something to us when we ask him/her,”When will you come?”then the reply would be like ,–”  I would come now & then”..


SHALINI SINGH:: plz dont  tell/find any excuse,only tel,l when will you come /appear?Pavanjii : Yes, tell us that ,When will you exactly come,?Even with a very ordinary person from an ordinary family also we talk & Say Dont tell “,OK I will come,I’ll come after these many days”  SHALINI SINGH::You  have been telling (me) something like this ,since a long time period .But actually you  are NOT  coming (plz  ) do come, Theres NO  guarantee of life .If we can tell that ordinary person that  our relation was built here only.Only on this Earth.

Pavanji::-Yes,relation was built here only.

SHALINI SINGH:::We are neither going to take anything from here nor we are going to give anything.Then why can’t we call out the Greatest Dad,who had built our relationship  before our birth?

Pavanji::-Very nice,beautiful thing you said,one very good thing that relation was built before our birth .SHALINIji,::SHALINI SISTER I would say one thing here.”We had relations before birth & we will continue our relationship after death.These all talks are just (beyond ) under knowledge/session.If  someone says, We had relation before birth What’s The proof?What was the relation?You plz dont talk about what we don’t know.We don’t know.Whether I was “there ” before my birth or NOT.I was a spirit.was there any relationship between you & me ?or later on  you & I may have relation or Not? I may remain somewhere you may also remain somewhere.I know only this much.”I was born in 1960 & before my birth this world did exist.SHALINI SINGH:::Yes.PAVANJI::-That  I can find still even today.

SHALINI SINGH::Yes, PAVANJI::-Before this Bhagwan did exist ..that’s what people say  that they still agree & trust.Even that they still say that Bhagwan does exist.   :SHALINI SINGH:::Oh! PAVANJI::-We do agree that you were there,you are now in existance.You will be still existing in future too. You are the cause of this entire  universe.This whole universe is in existence due to you  (because of you). Then why can’t we give a call?Bhagwan  you plz  appear yourself.

SHALINI SINGH:::Yes,that’s alright/ok..So we can give a call to Bhagwan.We do possess a right to give Him a call & then request Him.Then it’s all His wish.When will He come?How will he come? It’s all his wish.That’s all  His knowledge.We will definitely give Him a call.

This much is enough for today’s special program.We are about to give a full stop to this program.Because time does Not  permit us to carry on.But whatsoever discussions that are pending here ,would definitely be covered up in our very next another  special program.  This much is enough for today’s special program.. I would take your  kind permission.But before that we all would thank Pavanji for everything . Pavanji::-thank you ..Namaskar.. SHALINI. SINGH:::

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